Kumbartcho is a landscape for agricultural, educational & recreational enterprises that work with the true potential of the environment & people in harmony

The rhythm of nature is within you…

Kumbartcho is your reminder…

Kumbartcho is a remembering;
the natural landscape in full expression.
We enjoy every stage of the life cycle.
Birth – Blooming – Death
Here, you can feel truly accepted.

Standing on Kumbartcho, you will remember what it is to be a dynamically integrated being, in full acceptance of your present expression.

Long Grass is a haven

The energy caressing Kumbartcho is of freedom, freedom to express yourself, to experience yourself fully.

Our fully expressed grasses are able to offer safety to small birds & critters, small hunters can work successfully in this landscape… there is no fear & no desperation… no one is going hungry or cold… there is no competition.

The land, Mother Earth, is safe, warm in the winter… cool in the summer…


The Meditation Hut is perfect for getting away, enjoying simple solitude with regular moving meditation as you wander to the amenities & kitchen… Or upgrade to Shane’s Shack.

Retreat & Venue hire is also available in our ground level Homestead.

Nguni cattle help us maintain & regenerate the 350 acres.